A scientific approach for a healthy brain

Start with the basic needs of your brain: Sleep, mental flexibility and energy.

At Brainwise we offer trainings that focus on 3 interrelated topics that share an underlying mechanism: sleep, stress and fatigue.
  • We have a sleep system that consists of 2 important processes that regulate sleep:
    • Proces S = Our need for sleep, a homeostatic process: Our need for sleep builts up through wakefulness. The longer we are awake, the more sleep pressure we accumulate.
    • Proces C = our circadian clock, which programs in advance when we should feel this sleep pressure, and when it's better not to feel it. This process is related to the production of melatonin, our sleep hormone, and cortisol, our wake/stress hormone.
  • We also have a stress system which regulates our vigilance in light of our survival. This system could be compared to the gears of a car: the higher your gear is in, the higher your stress level is, and as such the more your nervous system wil asume you need to stay vigilant. 

When the stress system becomes rigid, this will disturbs the functioning of the sleep system. It will result in an increase in energy consumption combined with a disturbed recuperation, which eventually can lead to an increasing fatigue and burnout. 


Soon to come: our new sleep improvement training! This e-learning program transforms you into your own sleep coach. You get acces to our online sleep diary and can share these results with a caregiver of your choice (physician, psychologist, coach,...). Subscribe to our newsletter and you will get the launch email for the English version into your mailbox.

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Consultation - 45min: 85 €

Short supportive consultation - 25 min: 55€

Sleep Intake - 45min (incl. report): 105€

Report: 85€

*All prices are exclusive of VAT. Psychological consultations for individuals are exempt from VAT, except when a report is prepared.