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Mindful breathing

Mindful breathing is a simple meditation exercise where you train your attention system to focus on 1 thing. During the exercise you are going to focus with great attention on all the sensations in your body when you breathe. You do this without changing the pace of your breath, it can remain automatic.

World Sleep Day 2021

In light of the World Sleep Day 2021, we share some interesting tips on sleep. Feel free to download and share! 

Sleep apnea test

With this simple test you can calculate your estimated risk for sleep apnea. If the score is 'intermediate' or 'high', contact your GP or a sleep specialist/sleep lab. You can also use the following link to the University of Toronto and fill in the online test. Your score will be calculated automatically:

Energy diary

The energy diary can be used to gain more insight in your daily/weekly energy givers and takers, who influence your general energy level. The goal is to increase predictability and a sense of control, which decreases anxiety and stress. 

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Sleep diary

Measuring is knowing!

The sleep diary is the cornerstone of every sleep training. Before you intervene and change your current habits, it better to first observe your baseline. You use the diary every morning for a week, preferably 2 weeks. The goal is not to  be as exact as possible, but to give a subjective estimation on how you experienced your night. So please, avoid looking at the clock during the night! 

Afterwards, the sleep diary can be used as your monitoring instrument, which allows you to keep track of the effects of your interventions. 

Good luck!