Stress coaching

Strong under pressure

Stress mirrors the physical and mental changes necessary for an adaptation response. Our nervous system perceives an increased need for attention, vigilance, focus and performance. This response is normal and even necessary for our daily life. However, we should take into account the duration of this condition. Our nervous system is made to sprint, specific moments of stress should always be followed by a recuperation phase. If we maintain this increased stress level for too long it will result in physical and mental consequences. If you run a marathon, you should also use another strategy compared to a sprinter. 

If our nervous system stays for too long in a high stress mode, a rigidity of the system sets in. It becomes increasingly difficult to lower the stress level, even when the initial trigger is no longer present. This will disrupt physical and mental processes. It can lead to sleep complaints, slower recuperation, disruption of cognitive functioning and an increasing fatigue.  

If you recognize the following symptoms, stress coaching can be a good approach for you:

  • You experience a difficulty to calm down during the day or the evening (physically and/or mentally)
  • Racing thoughts
  • Sleep disruptions due to worrying 
  • You experience a constant vigilance, even without obvious reason
  • You respond strongly to external stimuli
  • You experience symptoms like agitation, palpitations, stomach pain, irritable bowls, ...

Based on a thorough intake procedure, we gather information to set up a tailored stress management program that fits your personality. We combine physiological knowledge about the nervous system - and specifically your stress system -, techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychophysiology and health psychology. The goal is to gain more insight and flexibility of your stress system, so it becomes your ally again instead of your enemy. 

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