Jet lag en shift work

We offer tailored programs for jet lag and shift work, that combine basic sleep-wake and circadian clock physiology, as well as elements of the CBT-I training and light therapy. 

Daily performance is partly related to the functioning and programming of your circadian clock. This biological mechanism is part of your sleep system and determines when hormones that promote either sleepiness or wakefulness, are produced. 

Frequent travelling disturbs this biological mechanism and requires a in-depth knowledge about this internal clock in order to better understand and know how you can reprogram it efficiently. Especially as your attention system and ability to concentrate are partially influenced by this mechanism. 

Shift work demands a constant flexibility of the circadian clock. As such it is crucial to understand its mechanism, in order to efficiently reprogram and improve recuperation. Wrongly managed shift work schedules are also related to security risks. 

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