Sleep improvement training

  • 6 weeks online training
  • Weekly email 
  • Weekly webinar(s)
  • Online sleep diary
  • Sleep Library with links and exercises

Price: €230,00

Teach your brain in 6 weeks everything it needs to deal with sleep problems differently and sleep better on the long term.

We gave the international sleep training known as 'Cognitive Behavioural therapy for insomnia' (CBT-I) a digital upgrade. It is an scientifically based protocol that teaches you step by step the procedure to get a good nights rest. 

→ Week 1: Discover how the sleep and wake system work and how sleep problems develop

→ Week 2: How to reprogram you sleep system to produce more quality sleep

→ Week 3: Improve daily habits to optimise your sleep

→ Week 4: Focus on the stress system - thinking patters/worrying

→ Week 5: Focus on the stress system - relaxation en meditation

→ Week 6: Relapse prevention - become your own sleep coach

If you would like to combine this online training with live support (video call or in the practice), contact us for a consultation.

For who?

  • People with insomnia: difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently, waking up too early
  • Shift workers or people who often travel and experience jetlag
  • People who experience sleep difficulties due to another problem, e.g. burnout, menopause, cancer,...
  • People who worry a lot and are sensitive to stress, which often results in sleep complaints

Beware! This sleep improvement training is not suitable to treat other sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS), narcolepsy, parasomnia or other severe sleep disorders. In this case an (additional) medical treatment is necessary. More information on sleep disorders can be found here

We can not be held responsible for the way you use this training or for any consequence (sleepiness, fatigue,...) after following this training. This training consists of information and advice, but it is your responsibility to implement them safely. 

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Price: €230,00