09 December 2020

Corona-insomnia: what is it and what can you do about it?

December 2020, we are still in partial lockdown during the second wave of COVID19 in Belgium. The high demand for sleep webinars, as well as the increase in patients with sleep complaints, show there is something going on during our nights. People who normally sleep soundly through the night, are suddenly having trouble falling or staying asleep or feeling unrefreshed in the morning. What is this 'corona-insomnia, what are the underlying mechanisms and what can you do about it?

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11 May 2020

Fatigue during lockdown.

Tired? exhausted?
Have you also noticed this decrease in energy since the beginning of the lockdown? Even that extra time in the morning you win because of the lack of commuting isn't helping anymore. Many families with children are suddenly juggling different roles and tasks. Nowadays, we are not employee for a moment, or parent, or teacher, or spouse,... We are all of them at the same time, all the time... and that is exhausting! This feeling of fatigue doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with your sleep, but rather points to the continuous activation of your stress system. So here are some tips:

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31 March 2020

Life in times of corona

The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster for me, my professional life, as well as for my family life. Suddenly, you are limited in everything you do, your world has shrunken to the size of your house and garden (if the weather allows it), your kids are around 24/7 and a trip to the supermarket is the highlight of your day! How do you maintain your physical and mental health in these strange and challenging times?

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