Tired? exhausted?
Have you also noticed this decrease in energy since the beginning of the lockdown? Even that extra time in the morning you win because of the lack of commuting isn't helping anymore. Many families with children are suddenly juggling different roles and tasks. Nowadays, we are not employee for a moment, or parent, or teacher, or spouse,... We are all of them at the same time, all the time... and that is exhausting! This feeling of fatigue doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with your sleep, but rather points to the continuous activation of your stress system. So here are some tips:

1. This fatigue is normal and only means you are doing the best you can, probably all the time!

2. Plan several breaks during your day, as well as time slots were you choose only one role or responsibility. Try to disconnect from your ‘to-do’s’, both professionally as well as privately.  

3. Go outside! Move and expose yourself to some sunlight. Some tasks can also be done outside: have a phone call or conference call while walking. Practice the multiplication tables with your kid while walking.

4. Eat healthy, don’t drink too much coffee or alcohol. These guidelines while improve your concentration and attention during the day.

5. Accept that these are exceptional times. It is maybe not possible to perform the same way compared to a full day at the office focused on only one task or responsibility. If you struggle with this, try to communicate transparently with your employer and see if there are temporary adjustments possible.

6. You are in a marathon, not a sprint. Be cautious with your energy and make sure to plan activities that charge you.

7. Relax, use abdominal breathing or meditate to disconnect. Relaxation only comes when it is activated, and not just by doing nothing.

8. Make sure to relax in the evening. Don’t go to bed too late and make sure to have enough time for your actual sleep need. If you don’t sleep enough during the night, you will feel more stressed and anxious during the day.

Would you like some help? At Brainwise we teach several kinds of relaxation exercises and meditation. Feel free to contact us!

Aisha Cortoos
Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist - PhD in Psychology
Sleep and stress expert