sleep lectures and workshops

Knowledge is an understanding that inspires you to change

Correct information is the first step towards change. Understanding a mechanism makes it obvious what needs to change in order to have the desired outcome. 

During a keynote lecture, the basic sleep - wake physiology is explained in a way that is understandable for everyone. A second step is to link this information to efficient intervention techniques. We use the internationally sleep training program 'Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia' (CBT-I) as a basis, which is an evidence-based program that results in significant improvements after 6 weeks. The goal of the lecture is to provide the public with the basic knowledge and tools so they can optimize their sleep-wake pattern themselves.   

During a workshop we will go more into detail and use specific tools and skills hands-on. We practice the exercises, use the sleep diary, introduce basic stress management techniques and learn about light therapy. It's a more intense approach compared to a lecture and more suitable for small groups.

We like to hear your needs and goals and provide you with a tailored keynote lecture of workshop!