Light therapy

Regulator of your circadian rhythm

Light therapy is an evidence-based technique to efficiently change the programming of your circadian clock. It inhibits the production of melatonin, your sleep hormone, and increases vigilance. When you suffer from an advanced sleep phase syndrome (ASPS), you experience sleepiness early in the evening and wake up too early in the morning. Light therapy in the early evening can then suppress the melatonin production and delay sleepiness. However, if you experience a delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS), you will experience sleepiness too late in the evening and have a difficulty waking up in the morning. In this case, light therapy in the morning appears to be very efficient in changing your circadian clock to a more appropriate timing. the latter being an frequent problem in adolescents (16y - 21y), with serious negative influences on their school performances.

Light therapy is also an efficient tool in managing shift work, jet lag, and seasonal affective disorder. The latter being characterized by increasing sleep complaints, mood swings and fatigue during winter months.

At Brainwise we make up a plan of approach and allow you to adapt your circadian clock by using simple guidelines.

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